Custom Requests

What to include?

To make sure we can get your idea as best as possible please provide us with a simple sketch of the potential outcome.

Make sure you provide us with the following:

  • Width (side to side) 
  • Depth (back to front) 
  • Total Height (bottom to top) 

If you request a different height internal storage height please make sure you have also included the following 

  • Internal height
  • Internal width

Available Wood Thicknesses

In our offer, we have two types of Scandinavian Pine solid wood with the following thicknesses. 

  • 18mm (1.8cm) 
  • 27mm (2.7cm)

Types of Furniture Feet

  • Wooden Feet - Round Furniture Feet, Made with solid wood can be made at any requested height. This type of foot can be also finished in any of our available colours. 
Wooden Furniture Feet
  • Iron Hairpin - Classic Industrial Feet that come in the following sizes - 10 cm/ 20 cm / 30 cm / 41 cm. These feet are only available in black finish. 
Hairpin Furniture Feet

Finish - Colours

In our offer, we have 11 FREE wood stain finishes which give you the option to create an outstanding piece of furniture. When creating your custom furniture you can choose two types of finishes-one for external and the second one for internal. For more ideas please visit our page here


Our Colour Palette





Please email your inquiry along with the sketch to


Custom Record stands for a customer from France.

For more photographs form our customers click here.