Paperless Instructions

Most of our furniture comes already assembled the only part that needs to be assembled is the metal or wooden legs depending on the model of your furniture. In some cases such as the Double-Decker and Larger, Record player stands the assembly is requested as you need to attach two parts together. However, this activity is an easy one and you can find a piece of helpful information regarding your piece of furniture. 

Download the instruction by tapping on the image. 



Applies to DD001
Applies to TOW001
Applies to RT001
 Applies to BS001, LARCAB001, CLSD
Applies to BS001, LARCAB001, CLSD
 Applies to MODDES001
Applies to MODLAR001
Applies to MAODMID001
 Applies to MODSMA001
                  Applies to LARG01A, LARVS023