Bespoke Request


Before submitting a request for a custom-made furniture piece, it is important to decide whether you want to modify an existing design or create a new one from scratch. Keep this in mind to ensure that the request you send is accurate and clear.  

  • Width (side to side) 
  • Depth (back to front) 
  • Total Height (bottom to top) 

If you require a different height internal storage height please make sure you have also included the following:

  • Internal height
  • Internal



Wood Selection

We offer two types of thicknesses of  Scandinavian Solid Pinewood with a smooth finish.





      •     18mm (1.8cm)





        •   27mm (2.7cm)






      Furniture Legs

      You have the option to select furniture legs crafted from either solid wood to harpin style iron legs. Our wood furniture legs are available in standard heights of 10cm, 20cm, 30cm and 41cm.


       ** In addition, wooden options can be made in bespoke heights to fit your specific needs.







      Back Panels 

      To keep your cabinet closed, we provide a back panel with pre-drilled holes for wires and cables. When designing your furniture, it's crucial to make sure that the back panels have ample space to accommodate your equipment comfortably.





      When designing furniture, we also provide doors that come with handles. To ensure that we meet our customers' preferences, we kindly request that they provide us with details regarding the specific handles they want on the doors.




      Our company provides custom-made drawers and doors according to our customer's preferred dimensions. Please let us know about the specific handles that you would like to install on your drawers. We highly suggest furnishing us with the details so that we can match them to your furniture perfectly.





      Choose from our selection of 11 available colours to find the perfect finish for your furniture. Best of all, each colour is free! Our furniture is meticulously finished with multiple layers of varnish to give it an elegant look while providing quality protection for the wood surface.


      Direct your custom request to